Crossing Demographic and Denominational Boundaries


Healing of the Soul Ministries (HOTS Ministries) is an evangelistic and discipleship ministry that crosses racial, cultural, national, economical, educational and denominational boundaries. This global perspective allows HOTS Ministries to minister to the criminal as well as the corporate executive with the message of salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Additionally, this cross-denominational perspective allows HOTS Ministries to minister to the Apostolic Pentecostal as well as the Evangelical with the message of Kingdom Reestablishment through the gospel.


Committed to Evangelizing and Empowering


The mission of HOTS Ministries is to evangelize unbelievers through the preaching of the gospel and empower believers through biblical instruction.

We believe there are three pillars that connect us to the gospel – identity, purpose, and destiny.  The gospel reestablishes our identity as children of God, our purpose by transforming our minds to do everything for the glory of God, and our destiny by translating us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God.