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Men After God's Heart

About the Book


Men After God’s Heart is an in-depth examination of how Christian men relate to each other. Now more than ever, it is imperative for men to develop healthy, meaningful relationships with their spiritual brothers. The Western masculinity persona has prevented men from experiencing healthy male bonding, creating a distorted perception of masculinity. But Jesus sets the example for how Christian men can and should display brotherly love.

Birthed out of a men’s seminar he taught entitled “10 Principles of Brotherly Love,” Dr. Hayes explores Jesus’s final moments with His disciples in the upper room, which he calls the Disciples’ Ship. In John chapters 13 through 17, Jesus teaches and illustrates ten principles of love that they were to continue in their relationship with each other.

Men After God’s Heart will help you audit the male relationships in your life and challenge you to go beyond your personal convenience to brotherly commitment. This resource aims to build disciples who live in relationship, grow in fellowship, and engage in stewardship. It is a must-have resource for personal devotion, men’s groups, and seminary’s spiritual integration labs (SILs).

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